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Enjoy the expertise of our friendly and talented computer technicians right in the comfort of your own home. Ojai PC Pros has flat rate pricing for all of your computer repair needs. Many computer issues can be fixed on the spot so you can be back up in running while you wait. If the problem is extensive Ojai PC Pros will take your computer back to our lab, fix the problem and bring it back to your house all for one low cost flat rate.
Step 1: Diagnostics Step 1: Diagnostics
We come to your home or office, diagnose and recommend a solution for the issue at hand.
Step 2: Problem Solved Step 2: Problem Solved
We provide a flat rate price to solve the computer issue at hand.  Many problems can be solved on site within a few hours.   However more extensive issues will have to be brought back to our computer lab and then we return the computer as soon as the issue is resolved.
Step 3: Peace of Mind Step 3: Peace of Mind
We ensure all issues are resolved and you are completely happy with the service performed.  Ojai PC Pros is fully dedicated to your complete satisfaction.


Ojai PC Pros is dedicated to providing peace of mind and solving any computer issue you may be experiencing. Our technicians are empathetic and understand how frustrating computers can be. We we will provide easy to understand solutions for both Mac and PC. Give us a ring and experience the difference.
Software Repair
Whether you are experiencing the blue screen of death, a slow operating system or pop-ups, or any other software issue we have a solution for you.
Hardware Repair
Failed hard drive, bad memory ( computers only :), or the thing just won’t turn on, we can help!
Website Development
Update your current web site to a new 2015 design or get your business online for the first time.  Ojai PC Pros is dedicated to Ojai Valley Business.
Data Recovery
If you have a failed hard drive, accidentally deleted a file or just plain lost your data, we can help you recover your lost files right away.
Wireless Networking
Are you looking to get faster and farther wireless coverage?  Call the experts today and we can help.
Consulting and Training
If you are looking to purchase a new computer, router or looking for a good way to backup your files, Ojai PC Pros is here to help.  We provide computer consultation to help you find exactly what you need.


** Pricing Per Device **

Ojai PC Pros will come to your home or office and diagnose the issue. We will then provide a flat rate to fix the problem.

* Free with the purchase of a solution. Otherwise a $49 minimum fee will apply.

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Standard Services
$99Data Backup Add $49 Per 50gb

· Smart Phone/Tablet Repair
· New computer consultation
(source best pricing and hardware)
· Wireless Internet Installation
· Computer Tune-Up
· Data Transfer
· Software Install
· Hardware Install For A Desktop
· Printer Setup

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Advanced Services
$139Data Backup Add $49 Per 50gb

· OS Installation
· Hardware Installation For Notebooks
· New Computer Setup
· Consulting/Training – up to 60 minutes
· Standard Virus/Malware Removal

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Extensive Services
$189Data Backup Add $49 Per 50gb

· OS Installation /w Data Migration
· Advanced Virus/Malware Removal
· Custom repair
· Board Level Repair
· Television repair

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Monthly Computer Maintenance – $19.95 per month

20% Off All Labor 20% Off All Labor
When you subscribe to the Ojai PC Pros maintenence program you receive 20% off all services for your registered computer including remote support and training.
Security and Virus Monitoring Security and Virus Monitoring
Ojai PC Pros can install our cloud based monitoring service on your computer to help insure all of your virus protection and security updates are up to date saving you time, frustration and money.
Hardware Monitoring Hardware Monitoring
Ojai PC Pros can install our cloud based hardware monitoring software to monitor your hard drive and other critical hardware to help prevent downtime due to hardware failure.
Free Online Backup!! Free Online Backup!!
Receive Free Online storage to keep all of your data backed up automatically.  Remember, hard drives can fail at any time and an on-line backup solution is a perfect way to help mitigate the risk of lost data!
Remote Support Remote Support
Receive remote support billed in 15 minute increments instead of 30.   For example, if you are stuck on figuring out a problem with software, give one of our experts a call and we can quickly guide you over the ‘super highway road bump’.
Free Ojai Screen Saver and Desktop Wallpaper Free Ojai Screen Saver and Desktop Wallpaper
Receive over 200 breathtaking photos of the Ojai Valley taken over the last 30 years.  Photos taken by Bruce Ditchfield.


Friendly Support
Ojai PC Pros lives by the gold rule, treat others how you want to be treated.  We are empathetic geeks who not only seek to fix computers, but want to help create and support a local and caring community.
Competitive Flat Rate Pricing
Enjoy the peace of mind of a low cost flat rate for your computer support.
Quick Turn Around
Many computer issues can be solved on the spot in the comfort of your own home.  If the issue is more extensive and we have to bring the computer back to our lab, typically turn around is within 24-48 hours if no special order parts are needed.
Mobile Support
No longer do you have to worry about unplugging all of the cables to your computer and plugging it back in when you get back.  Ojai PC Pros will come to your home or office and ensure that every issue is resolved and you are comfortable with the solution.
Technical Experts
Ojai PC Pros has a group of computer technicians that can solve any computer issue that may arrise.  We have over 30 years of combined experience solving computer issues.
Local Support
No need to drive to Ventura.  Save gas, time and money by keeping your business local.  We are right around the corner and offer same day service.


Ojai PC Pros is here to serve the Ojai Valley. Computers can be very frustrating and cause negative feelings. We are here to help ease the pain and create peace of mind when you run into computer issues.
"I had been using themeforest for many years and I can say that your level of support is the best so far."
Tom K.
Tom K., Microsoft
"Fantastic... and thanks for the help, really, I really appreciate the service and concern."
Robert M.
Robert M., Microsoft
The technicians at PC Pros are awesome. We had an old, limited laptop that had to be resurrected when my husband's newer one got water in it and died. They were great about bringing the old one up to speed as much as possible, and showing my husband how to use an external hard drive to augment the limited storage capacity. They answered questions over the phone, gave honest estimates with reasonable prices and always completed the work on time. I'm glad to have them as a resource up here!
Jaya M.
Jaya M., Microsoft
Whenever we have a tech issue, we go to PC Pros. From iPhone to computer, they always doing a great job diagnosing and fixing problems. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They know most of their customers by name. If you live in Ojai and need tech help, go to PC Pros.
Kory M.
Kory M., Microsoft

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